The Subtle Shift

by carlocmd

The choice between good and bad is easy. Always choose the good.

What if both choices are good? Here, the process of discernment (as taught by Jesuit mentors) come into play. Distinguishing between our wants and desires requires careful discernment because God often works in mysterious ways.

It is only on hindsight do we see God working in our lives, subtle shifts that tell us God did not want us to just settle on our well-intentioned desires. He sometimes calls us, weeping and screaming, towards an action that does not seem to make sense, but is actually something that is enduring and more satisfying.

My inclination is to let my son stay in his present school. It is a place familiar to me, filled with people equipped with the knowledge and skills to change to world, forming leaders of men, and servants to all. The lessons he learned here vibrate with a frequency that resonates in our home. If he applies himself, he would most definitely excel here. The school and our home teach and practice one thing – Magis – to always do more for God’s glory.

This school is the easy choice, the safe choice, and the choice that makes sense.


A voice speaks in my soul. My son wants more, and in a way, seeks it in a place unfamiliar to me – a secular school for exceptional and gifted children. Here, he would meet others as driven and hardworking as him. He would be challenged, and knowing him, would persist and grow and change. He will definitely cry, he will sometimes fail… but despite this I will always be there for him.

I have spoken with parents who have children in this school. I have spoken to children who go to this school. I have spoken with friends who have graduated from this school. I have spoken to my mentors to help in this discernment… and I find nothing that would cause fear or worry.

Is this the subtle shift? I am… unsure.

I am my child’s light, his guide and true north, they all seem to say. You’ve done an excellent job so far. Why should the future be any different?

So, with faith that God continues to guide and lead me and my family, I grapple with this choice.

The deadline is in a few days.