The Choice

by carlocmd

My eldest son, entering junior high, is facing a dilemma.

Not just him. I am in the process of discernment too.

He belongs to Magis, a group of students pulled out of regular math classes, to be with other numberphiles. Within that group, he shines exceptionally bright, always at or near the top, always rising to the challenge. His advantage immediately obvious to his teachers – he persists when most others give up.

“Dad,” he says, “can I take the Pisay exam too?”

Pisay is the short name of a public school built for the exceptional few. Around 25,000 hopefuls take the exam each year, with the main campus accepting the top 240 students.

“It’s the best math and science school, isn’t it?” His words.

“Yes,” I say.

The results came out a few days ago. He got accepted.

His current school has strong core values of Christian living and excellence. It is a Jesuit school – forming servant leaders in Jesus’ footsteps. The challenge is that he finds the challenges not challenging enough.

Pisay is an excellent, academic-oriented school, full of similar children with my son’s drive. I am looking forward to seeing him bloom and flower here.

Discerning the correct path is awfully difficult.

Will we smother his bright light by keeping him in his current school? Will he carry on as a man for others in Pisay?