Better than Tantrums

by carlocmd

My son asked if he can go home with his grandparents. We were at the checkout line of the supermarket. His grandparents had finished shopping, and were getting ready to leave.

“Of course,” I replied, “We’ll just pick you up later.”

“I want to bring my candy,” he said, as he picked up his candy from the cart to place on the cashier’s counter.

The cashier lady was dealing with a lot of the big stuff. She was gathering the non-food items first, and would get to the smaller food stuff later.

“Hmmm,” my son began to wonder out loud, “I guess she can’t see the little things very well.”

He picked up his candy and placed it on top of the big rolls of tissue paper. He looked at her expectantly.

I saw a redness begin to creep up the lady’s face, as I tried mightily to suppress a giggle. She immediately reached for his candy to ring up and hand over to him.

“Thanks!” he said, as he turned and kissed us goodbye, and raced towards his waiting grandparents.

Kids will always be rushing to join any new adventure. My son could have stomped and fumed as he waited for his candy. But he knows he does not get what he wants when he throws a fit. So he thinks up these hilarious situations. I think these precious moments are better than tantrums.

I flashed the cashier lady an “I’m sorry but isn’t it funny” smile. And our day became that much lighter.