To the most wonderful woman in the world

by carlocmd

I am married to the most wonderful woman in the world.

It’s a little difficult to write about the love of your life because it feels that words are woefully inadequate. Here’s a small, imperfect attempt to describe this incredible relationship we have.

She has a head for numbers, for computations. She has a list for everything, from groceries, to bills, to dreams for the future. She may get lost in the details at times, and may sometimes need help seeing the big picture. When her head, heart, and spirit are aligned towards a goal, nothing seems impossible. She has been known to actually do the impossible, achieve the highest pinnacles of performance, in her everyday work.

Her friends see her as graceful, outgoing, kind, sympathetic, and empathic to the needs of others. She desires nothing but the best for other people.  She expects nothing but kind words (and kindness) in return for her deeds. She has a golden heart that yearns to help others, even at great cost to herself. She may be sometimes be waylaid by strong emotions or an impassioned speech, but if this moment contributes to her dream for a better tomorrow, then nothing can stand in her way.

I am proud of her, seeing her work and interact in our small world.  I am happy when she becomes the catalyst for change — usually for the greater good. I get hurt when I see her stumble and fall, or if things do not really turn up as beautiful as roses. I feel her anger when she is unjustly wronged. I feel her sadness when other people disappoint her for petty reasons. I try to stay awake and listen to her problems (sometimes failing and snoring miserably).  I feel sad when people refuse to understand her. BUT I am glad to be always by her side, helping her get up and face her challenges again.

Yes, sometimes we have fights and disagreements. I know that there are times when it seems I have left her by the wayside. Sometimes, I have left her… and for these I am sorry. I know I can do better… But… Always… As I prepare to leave, I look up and see her open arms, her welcoming smile. The storms that clouded our lives have disappeared, and the sun begins to shine.

We have talked about love being a choice that you make everyday. It is hard work. It is rewarding work. Our marriage is not perfect, we stumble and fall and will probably still make some wrong decisions.

We are a work in progress. I love her not because she is perfect, but because we have chosen (and choose everyday) to live together, work together, pray together, and love together… to make each other, our families, and our world a better place.