Doctors Get Sick Too

by carlocmd

Woke up this morning feeling terrible.

A bug had made the rounds in our household.  It started with the children coughing with fever.  When we brought them to their pediatrician (yes, I cannot treat my own children), he confirmed that they had ear infections from a bad cold.  They needed antibiotics.

After tossing and turning all night, I felt the effects of the bug on me too.  My throat was burning, and I was feeling a fever come through (despite the thermometer reading a normal value).  

But I had things to do, patients to follow-up on, and procedures to finish.

Started taking antibiotics.  Started taking acetaminophen.  And proceeded to work.  Took the necessary precautions to avoid transmitting this bug to my patients.  Then asked my secretary to limit the patient consults to those who had appointments and those with urgent conditions.

Looked at the clinic schedule and there were 10 patients lined up.  Took a deep breath, put on my clinical face, and tackled the clinic work.

I was surprised that I had to absolutely see 20 patients today.

“They insisted,” my secretary said.

These were some of my long-time patients who had questions and a few minor concerns.  At the end of each of their visits, they said, “I hope you get well, doctor.”

“Thank you,” I replied.

These patients, with no urgent concerns, wanted to see their doctor.  They wanted to make sure I was fine.  They wanted to say a “get well soon” to someone who usually did the treating and healing.

I struggled home, falling asleep at the back of the car.  This day drained me more than other days.  I fell into a healing sleep a few hours later.

Thank you for your concern and your prayers, my patients.