Fly for Love

by carlocmd

“Did you know that the airplane I rode in allows children above 7 years old to fly by themselves?” I told my son.  “That means, if you need to visit anyone around the world, you may do so!”

“Daddy,” he said.  “I would be so scared.  I do not think I can do this by myself.”

“What if,” I began, “Daddy was stuck in China and needed you by his side?  What if Mommy could not help?  What if you had to do it all by yourself?”

He paused for a moment.

“If you were stuck in China, by yourself, and needed me by your side… I would fly… to get to you.”

This was a conversation I had with my eldest son, after we had arrived from a short trip.  I wished that he would stay this way forever, that he would remember these precious moments… moments where he would face his fear… and overcome them for love.