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This phenomenon crosses cultures. Great post!

Field Notes From Fatherhood

Parents’ Night at school. I’m not there as a parent, but as a teacher of Upper Secondary English at a private British School in Hungary. Be not illusioned, teachers hate parents’ nights. They’re dull and often awkward (try spending an evening spouting qualified, politic phrases like “not quite working up to her full potential,” or “shows promise but needs to work hard on her basic English skills” when what you really mean is that Tiffany is as bright as a bag of rocks and not likely to get much brighter), and they eat into the time you could be at home marking papers or playing with your kids. Parents’ Night sucks.

A mom sits across the desk from me. The mother of a certain 14 year-old boy who is very clever, congenitally lazy, and remorselessly rude. His face looks like a rotten raisin pudding and his demeanor is about as…

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