by carlocmd

You glimpse wisdom in everyday things.

“Bigay Puso” literally means, Give Love. It is one outreach of my children’s school. My children are asked to prepare for a meeting with children from another area where there is much hardship and little relief.

They used to think that this exposure would give the students a broader perspective in life, hopefully making them more tolerant and compassionate towards those who have less. But the teachers realized that the children were not getting as much out of the experience as they should.

It boiled down to the fact the these less privileged children were always hungry. And when they were hungry, they cannot listen. When they do not listen, how can they learn? How can they share their lives?

When they began the following Bigay Puso outreaches with a feeding program (Blue Plate), things changed for the better. With full stomachs, the children were very much willing to learn, experience, and engage. So that is why the school asks our children, “What are you willing to give up… to share with others?”

A meal costs Php 11.50 (USD 0.27). Feeding fifty children costs Php 575/day (USD 13.7).

“Dad,” my eldest son told me a few days ago, “I have some money, right?”

“Yes,” I replied. “You have a little money that came from your grandparents and aunts.”

“May I feed fifty children?” he asked me in all seriousness. “You have to give Php 575 to Bigay Puso today.”

It was a command that I was so happy to obey. And gave more than he asked.

We have to be good examples to our children, right?