Can’t We Get Along?

by carlocmd

if you really listen to the arguments that surround the pro-rh and anti-rh movements, you would notice that both sides actually want the same thing: to drastically lower the maternal and infant mortality rate – which honors the life of both mother and child. Each side, however, differ in their means.

during those times when they are actually able to dialogue with each other, they argue about these means or ACTS. so it becomes easy to denounce the other as evil based on the morality of these acts.

as a doctor, as practicing clinicians, we are compelled to use our skills and knowledge to improve the lives of ALL our patients. as trainees, we were initiated into the wonders and mysteries of the human body. we were taught what works, what harms, and what we know nothing about. we were taught to keep an open mind, while constantly drilling to memorize the facts that we know at the time (because medicine changes rapidly – the accumulation of knowledge is relentless, and there were many things we were taught before that no longer hold true now). this is the SCIENCE of medicine.

as a doctor, as practicing clinicians, we engage each patient in Dialogue every day. we get to know them. we get a glimpse of their circumstances. we get to understand the choices they face. we see that not everyone fits comfortably in the pathways of clinical care. we cannot use the same treatment for all patients. we explore options with them, actively Discerning, to come up with the most appropriate decision. we grow with our patients with each encounter. we accept and respect their different beliefs with tolerance. we acknowledge our many deficiencies. but we always strive to do the right thing. this is the ART of medicine.

so there are instances when one ACT is morally acceptable to a particular patient, but not in another. please understand that i am not talking about relative morality – but Active and Responsive Discernment and Person-Centered Care.

it is pretty useless arguing about specific ACTS.

a doctor who spends time with you, studying your particular human quirks, informing you of the available treatment options, watchfully waiting on your response to treatment, with much discernment, with prayer, with understanding, guided by love of others and the golden rule, pretty much know that whatever choice we come up with, TOGETHER, will ALWAYS be for the good.

this is what freely choosing means. pro-life or pro-choice? i am both. do you now see why?

do you, like me, wonder why there are two movements when there is only one goal? can we please start working together? can we remove the mudslinging, the airing of laundry in public, or the below-the-belt language? it doesn’t matter who started the dirty talk. but whoever starts talking peace, please step up and be noticed.

i know that there are many who are striving to do the right thing at all times.

on this issue, can we not just simply start to care?