by carlocmd

She was a kind old lady who travelled all the way from the province (a 4-hour trip) to visit a doctor in Manila. She had heard of me through some friends whom I had seen some months before.

She had been coughing for several weeks. She had multiple visits to her doctor, who prescribed the appropriate medications. These, however, did not reduce the amount of cough she experienced. The coughing was so bad that she was unable to sleep at night. She also described a whistling sound that emanated from the left side of her neck.

Due to her increasing unease, she decided to brave the monsoon rains and make the trip.

While she described her story, as I looked over her records, and completed my examination, I remember thinking, “We have done much of what is right and recommended for this patient. Why hasn’t she gotten better?”

I prayed for her. I prayed for guidance.

I prescribed a minor medicine to dry up her secretions. Then sent her on her way.

Two days later, she came back. She was happy. “It was amazing, doctor,” she began. “Your medicine worked wonders! I can sleep at night! I no longer hear that bothersome whistle! You have made me completely well!”

Dumbstruck, with my mouth open, I said, “I did not do much. It was not me, but probably the coming together of all your previous prescriptions, to give you this favorable outcome.”

As I struggled with the incredulity of it, I felt a tickle on my soul.

“You are My instrument, the worker who strives to complete My work in this world. Of course it was not just you. It has been Me with you all along.”