Sudoku again

by carlocmd

My son caught me using the iPad the other day. I was busy feeding my addiction to Sudoku.

He looked over my shoulder… then lifted my hands… then sat on my lap… then proceeded to do the puzzle with me.

He would put a number here. I would put a number there. He would put two numbers here and there. I would put one number here. Then he systematicaly began to fill the grid at a speed I could not follow. How could he see the number’s place so much easier and faster than me? I do the puzzle by concentrating and following the logical next step. He appears to see the entire board… intuitively… and attacks it with speed and precision.

I was left holding the iPad and watching this great mind at work.

He finished at a much earlier time.

What else could I do but hug him and thank God for the gift of him.