by carlocmd

it was a typical commute on a thursday morning. i was on my way to the hospital. we pass by the preschool to drop off my son for his two-hour play day. then it was just my “almost 2 year-old son” and me in the car.

unlike his kuyas, my youngest son does not seem to want to start speaking early. but he shows amazing fine and gross motor skills. he dances to music. he bobs his head to rhythm. he sits down at his kuyas’ study table and doodles with a pencil.

my early morning commute is usually a time of “centering.” i think about my goals for the day, for the week. i think about the tasks that need to be accomplished. i worry about some patients. and i pray.

“let this be a good day,” i remember praying.

all of a sudden, my youngest son, who was watching tv and sitting quietly beside me, stood up and gave me a hug.

it was a spontaneous, total, all-encompassing hug, full of the selfless impulse of a tiny two-year old body. and love flowed from me to him, and him to me simultaneously.

the worries that were preparing to settle on my mind vanished in this rush of emotion. we remained in this embrace until it was time to go. i did not want to go, and he did not want to let go.

it was the beginning of a good day… thanks to a tiny two-year old… who has yet to speak his first sentence, but has found it within himself to express his unconditional love nonetheless.

these are very precious moments.