by carlocmd

my son, the 7 year-old math genius, the boy who does algebra in his head, asked me a question as we were walking home the other day.

“dad, are we rich?”

yes, i said. we are very rich.

how rich? he wanted to know.

rich enough, i said.

how many patients do you see in a day? how much money do you earn from one patient? how many days do you work?

he had so many questions, and i could tell he was computing in his head.

listen, i said. we are rich not because we have a lot of money. we are rich because we have so many friends. we are rich because there are so many people we help, who appreciate what we do. i count my blessings everyday by the number of people i share a smile with. it is those smiles that make us very rich.

after a short silence, he asked, why did you become a doctor?

so that i could help other people get better when they’re sick.

and that makes them happy? he asked.


then, daddy, i want to become a doctor too.

for all of you who greeted me on my birthday, thank you. there was this long drought when i couldn’t write – a block of sorts.

this is one gift to you – a gift of words to make you smile. hope you like it.

now let’s go out and share the wealth today – make someone smile.