An Image of a Parent

by carlocmd

the most enduring image i have of a parent is this: an archer with a bow and arrow.

as a parent, you are the bow.  you must always bend, never be hard or brittle, bending often to the breaking point, to send off your children farther into the world, into life, into the unknown.  you prepare your arrows to fly straight, fast, and true, sharpening their points, preparing their tail feathers.   letting go when they’re ready to face the adventure of their lives.

you do not bend yourself, but rely on the Archer to guide you.  because there will be things you cannot control, like the wind, the angulation, gravity, and other obstacles.  his vision is sharper than yours.  his knowledge and wisdom is vast.  he knows where these arrows must go to achieve the best good.

let me be a good bow, i pray.