Giving All

by carlocmd

When we were young, our parents would give us money to offer as tithe during church.

I guess the world really does turn around, and now I find myself sharing my blessings through my children.

Yesterday, my 3 year-old boy asked, “why do we give money in church?”

I said, “The money is for the poor who cannot help themselves. It is also our way of sharing our blessings with others.”

As I whipped out and opened my wallet, a tiny hand shot in and grabbed ALL the money.

“I want to GIVE ALL OF THIS,” my son said.

After my initial shock, I recovered and said, “Go ahead. We have much to be thankful for.” How do you get back from your child all that money… while teaching him how to share what you have? you don’t, diba?

My son taught me a lesson in giving that day. We do not just give a percentage of what we have. We do not give 10%. When we give, we have to give ALL, trusting in Him like a child would. Even when it seems like you’re leaving nothing behind.

There is a void in my wallet today. But my heart is glad because in his innocence, my son understood and practiced the lesson i taught him… teaching his father something new in return.